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Updated: Dec 21, 2018

With all the recent dissension of the streets of America I found myself even more vigilant. Long gone are the days when we could leave our front doors unlocked, our handbags wide open, and our safety a distant concern.

Now more than ever it seems that we must prepare ourselves for the possibility of attacks, mass shootings and other degradations of humanity playing out right in front of us.  It's tough, as I grew up in a bit of a bubble, not going to lie. There are still days where I find myself resistant to the idea that we live in a VERY different world today. As someone who always looked for the best in others and prided myself on having 'hopeful optimism', I too see that being prepared doesn't mean that I've lost faith.  In fact, it means the opposite.

I have faith that God has given me the tools to protect myself and my loved ones, the knowledge to be able to utilize those tools effectively and the opportunity to help others do the same.  The world may be changing but if we let it bring out the most of our potential perhaps it was a necessary evil. There's only one utopia that I know of and it's called Heaven. Until then we must walk this Earth with purpose, with confidence and the willingness to keep learning.

As the Holidays are fast approaching, stay vigilant. Carry an extra magazine if you can. Have additional tools at your disposal- knives, pepper spray (Check local laws), tactical pens, flashlights, extra phone battery chargers, even quick clot. As the saying goes "better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it".  The modern woman's handbag is filled with more than just powder and lip gloss, it should also have all the tools you'll need to defend yourself against attack.  Much like a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, having your EDC handy isn't about being paranoid, it's simply being responsible and ready to take action if necessary.  Hopefully you never need to use it, but if you do at least you can walk confidently in preparedness. 


I'm loving my new Sig Sauer P938. It's a compact 9mm that packs a punch, is consistently accurate and absolutely perfect for smaller framed gals who have a hard time carrying concealed. It also has an external thumb safety much like its big brother the 1911 and comes with a flush 6 round magazine for maximum concealability.  Sig Sauer also makes 7 round pinky extender magazines as well, should you want a little more real-estate on the grip and an extra round.  Another super helpful item is the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Holster. It's sleek form fitting design lets you carry your firearm either appendix (my carry of choice) or in the small of your back. It has plenty of sewn in pockets for additional magazines or even a small wallet if you prefer not to carry a purse. The pockets themselves have easy to use pull tabs that come in handy when reholstering unlike many of the competitor brands. This is important in the event that you must use your firearm and need to safely reholster before first responders arrive on scene. Additionally I also like to add a pocket knife (Kershaw shown) to my EDC for good measure.  In the event that my gun goes down or I've exhausted all my rounds, having some sort of back up is key.  No single tool is a miracle worker and having choices gives you the best chance for survival. 

Stay Armed, Stay Safe!


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